in Berlin. Henrik Vibskov

This have been the two first weeks of my little architect in Berlin. As the reason to be here is work there was not much time to go around.

Last saturday was the first day of real hanging around and right after stepping out of the bus I saw Henrik Vibskov's pop up store.

They were truly simpáticos (if you check the dictionary you'll see that's quite a nice word) and I think the guy really liked my business card (ego).

So, only 73 days to visit again for amazing clothes (now 7 less 'cause I have had not a single minute to make this post). I liked the space, balanced and backed-up with objects. I hope to have some time to pas by again

in Berlin. Henrik Vibskov

in Berlin. Henrik Vibskov

in Berlin. Henrik Vibskov

in Berlin. Henrik Vibskov

When I innocently looked at his website and realised how great was the man...On the other side, had I known, I wouldn't have dared to get my camera and ask for permission so easily!

click for his online shop:

Anyway, I find his art collaborations dark and disturbng but so attracting at the same time...

See you soon for a post on Qubique, Berlin's furniture tradeshow which I have visited today.

My little Architect's store opening!!

From Berlin with love,


Wo bin ich?

Where am I? Correct!


Soon all the news about the new collection.

Give time please!