little architects: Le Corbusier

Meet Le Corbusier

A little architect for your desk or your bookshelf. The inspiring figure of swiss architect Le Corbusier to whisper you nice architectural tricks.

Comes with his friend Modulor, his inseparable anthropometric scale of proportions created in 1948.

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Hairy Sock by Ruta Kiskyte

How nice is the work of Ruta Kiskyte at Hairy Sock. She has just moved to Paris, for what I only feel "good envy", as we say in Spain (envidia de la buena). It's not really a bad feeling and it's not ashaming to feel it, because you're actually feeling glad for the other person ;).

Before having a look on her jewelry, let's focus on her amazing lookbook. Her whole aesthetic is dreamy and magical, and the light is that one of the sunlight in those days in which you are skipping school because you're ill (or you are just not where you were supposed to be) and everything around fascinates you, just because you are misplaced and aware of not being found.

And here are some of the items of her new collection. They all look so delicate to handle...

This are my two absolute favorites. The first one subtly reminds me of the drawings of the spanish poet from the Generation of the 27, Federico García Lorca.

This are also very beautiful, you can see some reference to the work of Ai Wei Wei which has been running until the 2nd of May 2011 at the Tate Modern.

You can find her on etsy, on facebook or on her website (a very nice one btw!). I like the irregular and handwritten typography of her website, which I always like and never really manage to make it work on my own things (maybe because I study Architecture!).

I think I've read somewhere she'll be soon selling at Howkapow, an amazing place to buy curious jewelry...nice!



Nice to find this young brand from Chicago, hound. Clean lines and woods, stars and water, as they themselves describe to be their inspirations. I could have some of that, now that I'm studying for my german exams.


Introducing new packaging

My Little Architect is happy to show you some pictures of the new packaging! It's all handmade (and homemade too).

All packages come also with stickers and other little surprises ;)





My Little Architect in inserting some nice details to all clasps on necklaces: a lovely tiny round plate on 925 Silver with a geometrical hand-carved design. It works as a signature and a pledge to the handmade movement. I hope you like it!



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Hazel Stark

I was looking at some photos of the Designers/Makers market at London (I hope I can visit it someday!) and I've just ran into the work of Hazel Stark, who is starting (like me! ;D) to develop her work in London. I have to say the whole market looked gorgeous, but this buttons and the package design of Hazel S. inmediately caught my eye. She also has the loveliest corner shop design... wish I could have one too...sigh

I wish her a lot of success and shapes and colors!


Sacré Japonais!

I've been in Paris this weekend and I've fell in love with the summer collection ofTsumori Chisato, specially with the eye swimmingsuit

On how to display clothes

I love COS, I could wear everything made by this brand, even if it's from H&M. I don't mind. What I'm loving at the moment are this photos on how to display clothes, something between the spatial collage, composition and promoting. More than appreciating how the clothes relate to the body through lookbooks, one is able to see the physical properties of the clothes, material quality, pattern...Nice!

On beards

I've always liked beards. As a girl sometimes I wonder how it is to grow a beard (hope I don't!). And besides I like the beard movement created around them, idolized and carried almost as a maniphesto. No I don't mean the world beard championship, I mean blogs like sexy man beard or this one or even this one.

What do you do if you want a beard in you life? You can always ask your boyfriend to grow one or carry a beard on your outfit. Much easier.

1.-Red Beard and Quiff brooch by Amy Walters. Also in blue
2.- also from Amy Walters
3.- bearded pins from Hollandsworth
4.- pocket manfriend from Nicola Rowlands
5.- bearded bloke from Handmade romance
6.- portrait pin from Kim's Little Monsters


The future of the Tshirt

The It’s nice that collection at ASOS.
Couldn't this tshirts move in the real life? The Present is just so dissapointing sometimes...

We are selecters

Tshirt by WE ARE SELECTERS, a spanish clothing brand with a nice social network to post your own style, and get free clothes!


The Machanguitos

10x15 machanguitos

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polyhedron necklace a

Find this necklace and many more handmade accesories at the shop!


triptic necklace

Find this necklace and many more handmade accesories at the shop!


geometry rings b

Welcome to the shop of My Little Architect, here you'll find geometrical jewelry made by hand in the magical and faraway land of MLA. I hope you enjoy it!

Find this ring and many more at the shop!

shop opening...happy!

my little architect shop

Welcome to the shop of My Little Architect, here you'll find geometrical jewelry made by hand in the magical and faraway land of MLA. I hope you enjoy it!

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Ornament and Crime, the Greeks and the Monochrome.

I often ask myself why, when choosing between Abstraction and Figurativism, I always choose Geometry and Modernism first. But being keen on Photography and Fashion uncovers an interest on all things figurative, one cannot avoid it. From the painting of Ophelia to Sybille Bergemann, the images with a representational interpretation are (or at least will be, since I barely started to make photographies) part of my likings. They are easier to understand, easier to reject when not liked, and they arrive sooner to our brain.

And it scares me somehow that the message of the flying polyhedrones and spatial geometries which I want to transmit through my blog, my shop and the things I sell there is missunderstood.

So first of all, why am I scared of recognise this fact? It comes from Adolf Loos and his theories accusing ornaments of obstructing the architectural speech of a building. This controversial book was the beginning of the end of all superfluous decoration on facades. The same as the first monochrome paintings made by Rodchenko killed Painting and all its representativeness of the world. They lead the way to Minimalism and we followed them.

I would say that both the polyhedron and the fashion model are a valid discourse for my blog or my tumblr, and none of them to the detriment of the other. But at least, each of them with a different function. And here lies the difference of both, its function inside the work I'll be developing in this near future.

When designing Architecture, the ancient Greeks used to decorate only the non-structural parts of the building. They would have never decorated the cylinder of a column, the same as they only decorated the metopes and not the triglyphs. If we say Figurativism is the metope and Abstraction is the trygliph, both are there on the Temple, playing its function, and they don't try to do what they're not meant to do.

And that's why the structural part of this blog/shop is held on polyhedrons and shapes and lines and colors, and in between you may just find some photographs and thoughts.

Recalling Lord Dunsany's book The King of Elfland's Daughter, we could also say Figurativism are the fields we know and Abstraction would be the land from which we may only hear in song. And I would like to be the little fox who could pass through the border when she wanted. I like that.

Did I get too thoughtful? Have a nice week!


just take me faraway

just take me faraway


Wallpaper* Magazine

My Little Architect has designed her own custom cover for the August Issue of Wallpaper* magazine (the handmade issue). Nice!