Rapala fishing lures

Somebody has asked me to paint a handcrafted fishing lure. The lure still has to be made, but I'm already wondering how I'm going to paint it.

This ones from Rapala have totally amazing colors. It's just such a pity they are made to disturb the happy life of a fishie...

via Rapala


Kinfolk Magazine

I just dicovered Kinfolk, a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings, as it is described in their website.

Their whole concept made me believe a bit more in humans and left a nice feeling inside...

Kinfolk Manifesto from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

and it's a magazine too.

I had a great walk in the forest last Friday, and it was a nice small gathering too. Pity I had no camera with me. I seem to be a bit anti-blogger after all...




I love knitting my own things (currently i'm busy knitting ties for my friends, photos soon...give me time!)

And because I love knitting I am head over heels about this website: WE ARE KNITTERS

get yourself your own knitting kit with ALL you need to make yourself something warm for the winter! this totally made my day...

photos via WE ARE KNITTERS


small rings

more rings, more fun!

small rings

made with metal wire and glass beads