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in Berlin. Oh Land

Tonight I was at the concert of Oh Land and I enjoyed it sooo much. I was standing on the first line, in the middle, and I couldn't have had a better place! And of course I forgot my camera, so I could only get some shots with the iphone.

In Berlin. Oh Land

The music took me back to February, when My Little Architect wasn't still born and I was feeling so depressed I couldn't even go out of bed before one o'clock in the evening.

Tonight I had the chance to speak to Nanna, and thanked her for her music, because it took me out of bed and got me doing something nice and magical like the project of My Little Architect.

I gave her my card and I she said she would have a look at my work. I really wish she likes it, because she is part of it too.


in Berlin. The Berg

I'm really enjoying this project by Mila. It's one of the first things I found out when I had just arrived to Berlin and it still amazes me each time I think about it.

The Berg

What would happen if we all imagine a gigantic mountain located at the highly historical airport of Tempelhof? It will start existing! Of course! How couldn't it?

The video is a great example of the trashy berlin easthetics and it's just brilliant!


Wolf and Moon

Please, Wolf and Moon, we need you to re-stock the Chevron Point necklace!

Some more great (really great) necklaces:

And while writing this post, this little marvel is coming home con mamá!

I decided to take a brooch so I can place it on a hat, on a turbant, on a chain...

can't wait!


in Berlin. Meet some friends

Outside, in Kreuzberg.

Berlin Kreuzberg

Berlin Kreuzberg

Inside, at Qubique Berlin.

Jarrod Lim at Qubique Berlin
Hi Ho Rocking Horse by Jarrod Lim Design.

Tjokeefe at Qubique Berlin
These friends are more abstract but fun just the same. 3:1 Table by TJOKEEFE.

Heike Buchfelder at Qubique Berlin
Heike Buchfelder's kugel k lamp.

making friends is easy...


in Berlin. Hello Monki!

Hello Monki! The world of the Monkis, creepy and cute at the same time, has finally come to me.

All the way from the North, this little beauty just arrived to Berlin to be my warmest friend! I'll need a great dose of color to survive to the coldest winter of my life...

lookbooks, packaging, community, interiors... one could live in Monki, if you dare to deal with their little black mean-looking monsters...

in Berlin. Monki