SOVA Magazine



I just received SOVA magazine and I'm glad it's their very first issue that I got! It's quite appropriate, being this the first magazine about photography that I buy. Oh, I feel so 'green' as we say in Spain, everything is my first this or my first that...

The work I liked most were the ones of Helen Korpak, from Finland. After several travels to Finland, I think they are an unique nation, all the way from Marimekko to Aki Kaurismäki.

Coming back to SOVA magazine, the theme, the format, the typography and the graphic design it's really nice. It comes with stickers and a little poster. I also like the succesion of photographies and texts about dreams and sleepy thoughts.

I am already looking forward for the next issue.

I had weird dreams tonight, anyway.


My first photos


Every lonely girl has something that makes her happy.

Taken with a Canon AE1-Program


You don't choose your lipstick, it's the lipstick who chooses you.


Or at least has shade num. 36 of MAKE UP FOREVER done so with me. Many people try to find the right shade of lipstick, without knowing that it's the lipstick who will come to you! I'm glad you found me, welcome!



My first photos of flowers. It was some time since I wanted a nice bouquet for photo making. And so I start my blog here, wish me luck!