Michael Sontag F/W Preview

Berlin Fashion Week is almost over and now you have very few days to see the video of Michael Sonntag´s F/W 2012-13 Preview.

The music is dreamy and misteriuos. I love it, and no, it has nothing to do with the fact it has been composed by Erik Levander, one of my first friends here in Berlin and great support of my messy life in this heart-eating city.

You can imagine how this collection is appealing to me, geometries are (and will always be) part of mi imaginario personal.

Soon I´ll be posting the photos I did at the MBFWB and I hope I can also post the photos I was made for the Grazia Magazine. I saw some other girl-blogger who was making photos of me too, so if you´re that blogger and you read this post, please send!


happy new year!!

My Little Architect has welcomed the new year in Berlin, the sky by night was was full of fireworks and it was impressive!

To start the year properly, mylittlearchitect is featured in an awesome webshop, I AM THE LAB, where you can enjoy a 15% discount!

What will happen in 2012? Lots of necklaces, for sure!