Interview with granvía 3. Vigo

Let's make a break over Berlin to speak about a nice spanish girl-designer. Some months ago I found the stand of María from granvía3 at a fleamarket in Cádiz. It was actually the first time I spoke to a handcrafter! With her I have finally learned the first rule of a photographer: Never go out without your camera! So unfortunately I don't have photos of the encounter...
Her stand flashed to me among all the rest for its nice shapes and materials. Her necklaces and accesories are sold in many places around Spain and Europe. I find them really classy and elegant as well as easily wearable in any occasion.
She has been kind enough to answer some questions for My Little Architect.

MLA: Could you tell us a bit of yourself and your background and how you came to design your own accesories? How long have you been working on GranVia3?

granvia3: It was almost by chance I became an accessories designer. After getting the degree on Business Law, I went to London to study Fashion at the London College of Fashion, it was there when I realised how enjoyable it was the Fashion Business! Fortunately, when I was back in Spain, Bimba&Lola was about to open its first shop and I was one of the shoes designers, incredible job, I learnt a lot of things! After a couple of years, I moved on to Mango in Barcelona to work in the same department. Not even one year ago, I decided to create my own brand, granvía3, focused on creating accessories (headpieces, jewellery and scarves) which most of them are made to measure. The final client can choose the colour, the material, …

MLA: What do you enjoy most when working on your designs?

granvia3: I really enjoy making pieces which I can wear, I never design anything that I don´t like. This is something difficult when you work for a big company as you need to adapt to its profile, but when I started this business I wanted to enjoy so I try to make nice things all the time!

MLA: Do you produce your designs yourself ?

granvia3: We try to focus on the handcraft work, so each piece which is made to measure is developed on the studio, every headpiece is made to measure so we try, sew, cut, add and try again until the piece is ready for the customer. On the other hand, for the jewellery is different, as this is not made to measure, we buy the materials from different suppliers in Europe, then we develop the sample on the studio and then, we work with different Spanish suppliers who produce a number of articles exactly as the sample approved on the studio.

MLA: Which difficulties do you find in promoting your creations?

granvia3: I guess starting up a business is difficult! They said: “Who are you?” “Why should I buy your accessories if I don´t know you?” Where do you sell? Then, someone buys your accessories and advertising by the word of mouth is very powerful! It was difficult to show the brand to the people, it was difficult to get the first stockist and I think I still have a long difficult way… However, after one year, things are getting easier.

MLA: Where do you find your inspirations? Do you have any idols?

granvia3: Maybe it is a topic, but I like to look at real life, a film (or more than one! I find a great inspiration from the cinema!). Usually I ask my friends what they like or would like to wear and don´t find, sometimes I test them to check if the collection is commercial! Because sometimes, designers tend to do impossible things!
I also like travelling to see what is going on in different cities, I go to fairs to see the new staff from the suppliers and so on.
Idols? Do you mean designers? I love following the fashion shows, each season you find new designers, new themes,… And each season I find a new favourite designer.

MLA: Any plans for the future concerning your designs? And what about dreams?

granvia3: I love my job, I spend most of the time creating new pieces for the collection or for clients, discovering new materials, colours, speaking with the team how to develop a new idea, … I would like to keep doing this and become a bigger team.

Find out more about granvia3 here.

Thanks for helping me to make the first interview of My Little Architect!