some new and some old things

1.- Promo card from a party at Kafka Club. I never visited it but they always make great posters!
2.- Lush opened a store in my city and I just want everything!
3.- Preparing for winter in Berlin: Nightfall nail polish from M·A·C's basics. (I should be really buying snow boots instead!)
4.- Old ring from fun&basics. People think I made it myself so I guess a kind of my little architect's style is being born...
5.- Duo Necklace by Hug a Porcupine from The Little Dröm Store. Told you I couldn't resist it! Best of it is that you can also wear it backwards for a gold monochrome look!

Just sorry for the quality of the photo, I've got to get working on the next collection!


A piece of news

ss11 goodbye

Two things happening right now:

- I made all my exams and feel proud about it! Bards will remember this as the heroic feat of the thousand exams. You know, bards always exaggerate things a bit...

- Even if I had decided to maintain the old collection until the end of September, I've decided to temporarily close the shop to focus on the next collection, in which I am dedicating lots of effort.

Wish me luck again!


Karen Barbé I Textilería

The textile creations by Karen Barbé I Textilería are awesome and a good way to start preparing our mood for the seasons to come

I admit it, it's all about the yellow nail color! Can't stop watching how it matches to her website design and her cushions, such an eye catching small detail.


The Little Drömstore

I've been dying for one of these Duo Triangle necklaces from Hug a Porcupine at the little drömstore for a while now... Unluckily many are already sold out, but there are still a few of them left!

Anyway I shouldn't be rewarding myself for the success of my exams until I pass all of them!

But the website design is calling me strongly...

The little dröm store is a lovely gallery shop and independent publisher from Singapore. Read here their dreamy self description.


Gözde Eker

Awesome brooches made with papel maché by prop stylist Gözde Eker!

Find her creative work here!

Spotted here



My Milk Toof by Inhae Lee

Here there is something which will make my dreams tonight cute and childhood-like. This is the story of My Milk Toof by Inhae Lee, an artist from California which lives with the two friendliest and cutest teef ever! How lucky she is to have these two warm hearted little creatures at home.

We spanish kids put our milk teeth under the pillow and by night we have the visit of the Ratoncito Pérez (ratoncito means "little mouse" and "Pérez" is a very spanish and common family name) and get some coins or little presents beneath our pillow the next morning. I remember finding once one little ring with a polly-pocket fairy that could be sitted on it and the magic of how a single mouse could transform a teeth into a polly-pocket just like that.

But yes, eventually Inhae Lee's milk teeth came back to her one day to live at her place. The story of sick Lardee and how ickle tells him a story to make him eat some soup just filled me with joy!

Her photos are so intimate, homey and tender I'd like to believe them real...

They are so messy and so active!

I have already read almost all the blog and stories (and I don't go all the way through because it's very late and I have to study tomorrow!). This girl has developed such a personal, fun and complete work that it makes me want to work harder on my exams and my projects... I really do feel this nice 'good envy' I've spoken in some other post.

You can find her book here.

Hooray for Inhae Lee!!

And hooray for little ickle and Lardee!!


September Exams

The September exam season is about to start! Tally-ho!

Luckily, they'll be the last September exams I'll ever take. Today being finally an Architect seems closer! Still lots of hard work have to be done...

Remember, to celebrate this important days My Little Architect is having 40% SALE on all the items (excepting Machanguitos and Little Architects) at the shop! Use the discount code SEPTEMBEREXAMS until the end of the month.

So goodnight! I leave you with the astonishing voice of China Moses, wish me luck these days!

Mad About The Boy on Vimeo.