À Bruxelles: Around Le Marché aux Puces

Some photos I took today around the Marché aux Puces. I liked more the shops around than the marché itself, maybe because I came too late and the nice things were already gone.


À Bruxelles. Architecture.

Brussels is the city of Art Nouveau. Paris too, but it's diluted among all its other charms. In Brussels, the works of Victor Horta, Paul Ankar and Paul Cauchie (among many others) are true jewels to the city.

This houses are always silent and shy, like if by means of a spell only some chosen people could actually see them while they stay disguised and unnoticeable for the rest. When you visit them for a second time, they remember you.

This is the house and atelier of the painter Ciamberlani, made by Paul Hankar in 1897. It's not one of the most famous but it has excellent and newly restored sgraffito decorations.

It's nice how each great city of Europe has it's own kind of Art Nouveau and how it means something architecturally different for each of them: the manificent Art Nouveau of Paris, that was even applied to the metro stations, the misterious Secession of Vienna, the bulkyness of the scandinavian Jugendstil...And they all remember you when you visit them again.


À Bruxelles: ISABELLE BAJART Vintage Clothing

At the number 25 of Rue des Chartreux I found last year the lovely and misterious shop of Isabelle Bajart. I found it by chance and as soon as I came again to Brussels I hurried there with my camera. She is a very pretty woman herself and her shop with wooden floors, semi-darkness and rare vintage pieces has a certain ability of detaching itself from the outside world in a way you don't remember anymore where you were or were going to when you return to the street.

In this shop, vintage goes a step further. The love for vintage is not only the pre-loved clothing itself, but to royalize it by providing a setting in which the pieces can be proud of themselves, of their age, the time in which they were made and the history behind them.

The light, the different levels that create a promenade, the greens, the corals, the beiges, the little jewelry findings and the complex architecture you find above you if you happen to lift your head up makes the shop of Isabelle Bajart a total must* of Brussels.

nice! more tips on Brussels coming soon

*) It's the first time I use this word, I think it must be the methamorphosis of the blogger!



One of my daily reads has surprised me with an amazing project. Swissmiss has just launched a lovely project. Ever thought of getting a tattoo? Not in my case, but temporary tattoos is something that always reminds of one's own childhood! And it attracts me as much as analogical things. What does a film camera has to do with a temporary tattoo? Not much, it's just that it's not as they are supposed to be. Photos are supposed to be digital and tattoos are supposed to be forever. Oh my I'm beating around the bush!

What I wanted to share with you is the lovely project of Tattly, a compendium of amazing temporary tattoos created by contributing designers and brought to life by Swissmiss.

It was not until I had a deeper look at how she describes the proyect: 'Tattlys are perfect for people like me, that can’t commit to a real tattoo and for designer parents, that want to raise their kids with style.', that I realised they were actually intended for kids...

This are the Tattlys

Color Burst


Instant Camera

How cool for a kid is it to go to school with these? And when I say 'kid' and 'school' I mean 'architect' and 'studio' and 'me', of course!


from the beach with love

my little architect is having some days by the shore to mumble new fresh ideas to myself and develop a new change of look for the shop. In the meanwhile, a summer look to walk around the old streets making photos of the southern city in which I find myself.

++ Knot Front Denim Dress, Boutique by Jaeger.
++ a nice necklace by homako
++ minty bag by keecie
++ Dolce Vita, beaded flat sandals by Nyle.